Installing CharterSUITE Again.


Got a new computer?  Need to Reinstall CharterSUITE?

Easy.  First, install the demo of the most recent version of CharterSUITE from the HOME page of this web site.

Then, run the unlocking file that was sent to you, which will turn the demo into the full-working program.  Alternatively, you may look in your C:\Program Files\CharterSUITE\ folder and copy/paste these files from your old computer to the new one:

C:\Program Files\CharterSUITE\{YOURCOMPANYNAME}.BMP  -i.e. the picture of your company logo.

C:\Program Files\CharterSUITE\CS.KEY


What about all of my aircraft, customers, quotes, etc.?

Take the following files from your old computer:


C:\Program Files\CharterSUITE\{All of the text files in this folder}.TXT

C:\Program Files\CharterSUITE\{All of the aircraft pictures you are using}.BMP

...and put them in the same folder on your new computer, replacing the files that are already there.


We share our data across a shared or networked drive.  How do I connect to that data?

There's a program in your C:\Program Files\CharterSUITE\ folder called SETPATH.EXE.  This program tells CharterSUITE where you put your databases (CHARTERSUITE.MDB, AIRPORTS.MDB, CATERING.MDB).

Just run the SETPATH.EXE program and select the shared drive/folder where these databases are, and click OK.