A utility program has been created to allow anyone to prepare a file of his or her US Customs Passenger Information and e-mail it to you.

CharterSUITE imports this information directly into its database and uses it for APIS transmissions under the new UN/EDIFACT submission rules.

It's EASY!  Just e-mail the link below to your customers.  They should  OPEN (RUN) this small file, while logged in as the computer's Administrator:


They'll find the program under START | PROGRAMS ...

When they click CREATE TRANSMITTAL FILE, it creates a file that they may e-mail to the Charter Company for importing into CharterSUITE.

No more faxes with inefficient data re-entry.

This method saves time for the customer in hand-writing/faxing the required information to you.  It also saves time for the charter company in transcribing the information.  Lastly, it reduces the chance of introducing typographical errors or ommissions during the transcriptions.

If they send you passenger notes for service preferences (i.e. "No Peanuts!", they will be included in the Crewmember Itineraries. Also, if they include his/her e-mail address, you may automatically e-mail the trip itineraries to him/her.

This is a free program for CharterSUITE users and their customers.  It may be freely distributed. It is copyrighted by Tom Sylvester, Inc. and is licensed and distributed "as-is".