Monthly License


Ordering CharterSUITE

CharterSUITE is $1495, which includes free setup of your company logo, free scanning and formatting of your aircraft pictures, and free software and airport updates. We do NOT charge an annual software maintenance fee and the software will never time out on you.

Plus, you may install CharterSUITE on your network or on your home computers and laptops.  The license is an office-wide license (the only exception would be if you have an office in another city).

Drop me an e-mail at Tom@CharterSuiteSoftware.com or Tom@TomSyl.com and I'll be happy to send you an electronic invoice that you may pay online securely or you may print it out and pay by check.  I'll e-mail you a "purchased" unlocking file once payment is received.


A monthly license is also available.  It's the same CharterSUITE as the fully-purchased version, except you must have an Internet connection to log-in each time you start the program (to validate the subscription). The monthly cost is $59 and is not a credit towards the unlimited license purchase.  Just click on "Monthly License" of the left.  Cancel anytime!



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